Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boy at the Beach

The two films I'm currently working on are laborious.  Personally, I think they're gonna look great, but hell if I want to be stuck making an average of 1 film per year for the rest of my life. In an attempt to become more efficient and capable of doing my own films, as well as getting a final result that's more fresh, I am looking for ways to work that will narrow the distance between my original drawing and what ends up on the screen.  I've done a few tests of animating straight ahead in black marker (instead of pencil which is then gone over with marker) and was happy with some of the results.  I think my films will always be heavy on drawing, hopefully my own, so finding a way to do 5 seconds of footage an hour was nice.  This is a short, nonsense film that comes from that experimentation.  This could probably use a touch of color if it were to be finished.  Oh, and a coherent storyline.

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stephen said...

the wind is the icing on the cake.