Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meeting the Littmans

Tim, Joshua and Mike: 3 people, 3 pairs of glasses

The next Rauch Brothers film, another collaboration with the StoryCorps project, comes from a conversation between Joshua Littman and his mother, Sarah.  They live in Connecticut, not far from our Brooklyn studio, and we were very pleased to be able to meet them this past summer.  Mike and I were happy to hear they liked the storyboard and felt we had really gotten some aspects of their character right, including some of their unique mannerisms.  They were as delightful to meet in person as they are in the recording and we really appreciate their support!

Besides being a delightful person and a loving mother, Sarah is an accomplished children's author.  She recently published a novel about a teenager battling bulimia and writes about life as a single mother here.

Looking at the storyboard drawings

Joshua meets computer 

People who will treat you like you're normal when you need a shave, are barefoot and have forgotten to finish buttoning your shirt are good people