Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rome Sketchbook

Three years ago I was studying abroad in Rome.  It was a chance to get away from New York and my professors at St. John's and see what kind of work I would do with that new freedom.  One of the things I did was continue to keep a sketchbook that I drew in several hours a day.  In Rome, that meant drawing people on the subways and trains as it had in New York (post) but I also drew churches, museums and public parks.  The following images are just a few pages from one of those sketchbooks.


stephen said...

These look great, tim.

I sort of want to print them out and color them, if you don't mind.

MiriamRGibbs said...

OMG - I love that idea. What a great way to commercialize your art. You could totally print up some coloring books - "Roman architecture" and the "NYC Subway". Add in some funny child-appropriate commentary/history about the buildings. Any art museum gift shop would sell it. I would buy them. Check these out, both of which I have liked for a while: and
So much better than the typical Disney fare.