Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Looking Ahead

Concept art from the next Rauch Brothers film

Every morning I wake up around 11 am on a futon that nearly fills up my tiny bedroom and roll over toward the curtain to see what kind of a day it is outside.  Life becomes quite mushy when you work only part time because there's very little in the way of a daily schedule.  Somehow, the world keeps on turning.

Mike and I are continuing to hear from festivals:  Germans in the Woods, our collaboration with StoryCorps, will be playing a few good ones in July and August.  First, we will be a part of Rooftop Film Festival's big event July 4th. The night will feature "Food, drinks, live music, fireworks and film...using artfully-told personal stories and carefully-crafted craziness to address the breadth of the American experience."  The party will be on the pier at Solar One, right down by the East River where I'm sure the view of the fireworks will be spectacular.

Then, in August, we will be playing two great festivals: Rhode Island International Film Festival (Aug 5-10) and Palm Springs International Shortfest (Aug 21-27).  Looking forward to both!

Still, the event I am looking forward to the most is this coming Monday when Mike and I will have a chance to meet the mother and son who are the subject of our next film.  We were never able to meet Joseph Robertson, the soldier who shared his memory from the Battle of the Bulge for Germans in the Woods.  Hopefully, meeting the subjects this time will add to our ability to tell their story.  The image at the top of this post is a design for the boy.  Despite how glum this image may look, it promises to be a very funny and lighthearted piece that I can't wait to animate.


MiriamRGibbs said...

Congrats on getting more festivals! I hope you get one near me. Cincinnati is not actually the artistic wasteland you might imagine in the armpit of America (Ohio). There is a pretty big arts scene here I think due in part to all of the Corporate HQs (P&G, Kroger, Chiquita, and more...) which give money to the arts and support large numbers of executives and other well-paid employees. You might look into Not technically a festival and I don't know how your distribution agreements work but it's an idea. It was very well-attended when I went.

Jesse said...

I really love reading your stuff Tim. It resonates with me as a guy just out of school trying to make his way with what he thinks he wants to do.

It's so cool that your film is going to play Rooftop! I assume you and your brother are going to those other festivals as well? Are they covering your expenses or do you have to pony up?

Tim Rauch said...

Thanks Jesse, thanks Miri. We will try to break into Cincy when we can. Mike and I will both be at the Rooftop event and most likely will also both make it to Rhode Island. As for Palm Springs, Mike is gonna go solo. We have to cover all our expenses, in fact, you don't get back your registration fee, either. But festivals provide quality exposure and the occasional cash prize (or so I'm told). We will have to figure out which ones to attend and which to skip as we go along, but apparently both RIFF and Palm Springs are prestigious events so we want at least one of us to be present. It's all about making connections and getting press, that's the name of the game especially when you're young and willing to take some abuse!